Hi, I’m Marie Louise. I am an interaction designer and researcher exploring critical-feminist design of intimate technologies.


︎︎ Extremely exciting news! ︎︎ I’ve started a three-year postdoctoral researcher position at AHO the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, in Norway!

Participated in CHI’21 with 2x Best-Paper Awarded papers: (1) Designing Menstrual Technologies with Adolescents and (2) Resisting the Medicalisation of Menopause: Reclaiming the Body through Design - both co-authored with Marianela Ciolfi Felice and Madeline Balaam ︎

Blogpost out in Interactions on “Utopian Futures for Sexuality, Aging, and Design” ︎
Honoured to be nominated by KTH and selected to participate in the Global Young Scientists Summit 2021 ︎
Wrote about and visualised our design work on “Intimate Touch” in Interactions Magazine’s new issue on ‘Feminisms in Design’︎