Urinary Systems

drawing urine sampling and testing at home


Keywords: urinary tract infection, point-of-care technologies, microfluidics, speculative drawing conversations.

Funding: KTH Life Science Technology Platform
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
University: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Collaboration: KTH MST Micro- and Nanosystems & Paulina Yurman
Team: Emre Iseri, Sabina Nordell, Wouter Metsola van der Wijngaart, Madeline Balaam
Year: 2020
When point-of-care techologies move into our homes, does our homes turn into medical space, a hospital? Or can we imagine point-of-care technologies beyond the medical context in which they operate in hospital, as caring objects entangled with our messy fleshy bodies?

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a wide-spread disease, affecting 50% of women in their life time, and also a contributor to the global antibiotic resistance. In collaboration with engineering researchers in microfluidic systems, I explored the design of urine sampling and testing tools for the diagnostics of UTIs at home.

Through drawing conversations, co-facilitated by design researcher Paulina Yurman, we invited participants to speculate on seriously silly systems for sampling and testing urine, and reflect on how such systems could fit into the domestic space.