Teaching Experience

Since 2013, I have been teaching and organized seminars and workshops at Aarhus University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Within the fields of interaction design and digital art, I have experience in:
  • teaching on bachelor and master’s level
  • developing learning goals and teaching content for university courses
  • organising and facilitating workshops and group work
  • tutoring student projects and exams
  • organising pitch presentations
  • curating design exhibitions
  • examining and censoring

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching approach is based on active, motivated and experimental learning environments, student responsibility and critical thinking. I strongly believe that students learn more, when they are motivated and active and take responsibility for their own learning. I believe an informal space with room for exploration, challenges, critique and experimentation can provide the settings for this. I approach students with an open and inclusive mind, and I believe in an informal and personal relation between students and teachers.

I mostly enjoy studio-based teaching, developing my own course material, establishing collaborations outside the university and going on field visits!


Spring 2020

Fall 2019+2020

Spring 2019+202

Spring 2019+2020

Spring 2017



Spring 2014

Spring 2013
Teaching Assistant in ‘Introduction to Human-Computer-Interaction’, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Interaction Design, bachelor level

Teaching Assistant in ‘User Experience Design and Evaluation‘, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Interaction Design, master level

Supervisor in Interaction Design Master’s Thesises
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Interaction Design, master level

I supervised nine master students in their thesises. The thesises was based on research-through-design about menstrual cycles, voice assistants, horse technology, chatbots, pharmaceutical industry, relaxation practices and breast awareness.

Supervisor in Media Technology Bachelor’s Thesises
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Media Technology, bachelor level

I supervised 14 bachelor students in their bachelor projects. The thesises was based on user studies of online activism, mobile phone usage, game design, collaborative play and graphical animation.

Lecturer in ‘Design as a Critical Practice’
Aarhus University, Digital Design, master level

“Design as a Critical Practice” is a lecture- and studio based design course in which students learn about critical traditions, genres and methods of design, such as critical and speculative design, adversarial design, design fiction and critical making. Through readings, analysis of objects, workshops and their own design practice, the students learn to think critically and do criticism as part of their design practice. The course ends with a public exhibition of their critical/speculative/fictive design projects.

Instructor in ‘Alternative Design Materials’
Aarhus University, Digital Design, master level

In two interaction design courses, I have organized workshops for the design students in “Alternative Design Materials”. The students learned to think beyond apps and GUI’s, to instead use Arduino and Processing in combination with sensors, actuators, and smart materials. 
Instructor in ‘Digital Aesthetics’
Aarhus University, Digital Design, bachelor and master level

“Digital Aesthetics” is a theoretical and analytical course in which design students learn about the aesthetical and political role of technologies. As an instructor, I engaged the students in discussions on the course literature (from the field of software studies and computational culture), analysis of design and art objects, and excursions to exhibitions.

Workshop assistant in ’Robotics’
Digital Design lab, Aarhus University

Workshop assistant in ’Introduction to physical computing’
Digital Design lab, Aarhus University


Spring 2019

Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Workshop organiser and presenter, ‘Digital Women’s Health’
For Konstfack University of Art, Craft & Design, Stockholm Sweden

Workshop co-organiser, ‘Woman-centered Design’
DRS Design+Research+Society, Limerick, Ireland

Workshop participant, ‘Let’s Get Divorced: Constructing Knowledge Outcomes for Critical Design and Constructive Design Research’
DIS 2018, Hong Kong

Workshop co-organiser, ‘Designing Digital Women’s Health’
Linköping University, Sweden

Workshop organiser, ‘Designing AI personal assistants with people’
Good Job Center, Tanpopo-no-ye, Nara District, Japan

Workshop organiser, ‘Designing AI personal assistants with people’
Kyoto D-lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

Workshop organiser, ‘Intimate Futures’ workshop for high school students
Vestjysk Gymnasium Tarm, Denmark

Workshop organiser, Robot & Design workshop
Fussingø-Egnen’s Primary School for 5th grade, Denmark

Workshop co-organiser, Interaction Design workshop with MakeyMakey
IT-Camp for girls 16-19 years, Aarhus University

Guest Lectures

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Spring 2018

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

‘Digital Women’s Health’
Invited speaker, at Natural Cycles, Stockholm, Sweden

‘Digital Women’s Health’
Presentation, visit from Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå, Swede

‘Feminist in a Software Lab’
Invited Speaker, at Digital Humanities, The National Library Stockholm

‘Intimate Futures: Critical and feminist design of digital personal assistants  
Presentation, Designing Digital Women’s Health, Linköping University, Sweden

‘Intimate Design: Critical-feminist Design Practices of Intimacy’
Talk and meeting, KEIO University, Tokyo, Japan

‘Rethinking design: the risky practice of designing computational alternatives’
Keynote at Drupal Camp 2017, Aarhus, Denmark

‘Critical and Feminist Design of Intimate Interactions’
Research seminar, Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden

‘Critical Design, Aesthetic and Experience’
Design, Information Science

‘The critical design process, PeriodShare & satire’
Design as a Critical Practice, Digital Design & Information Science

‘Critical design’
Design processes & experience oriented design, Experience Economy

‘Critical design research’
Interaction Design, Digital Design

Conference Organisation

Spring 2018

Summer 2016 

Summer 2015


Student Volunteer Co-chair
TEI 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

Interactive Exhibitions Production Assistant
PDC Participatory Design Conference 2016, Aarhus, Denmark

Social Co-Chair
Critical Alternatives, The fifth decennial Aarhus conference, Aarhus, Denmark

Production Assistant
MAB’14 Media Architecture Biennale, Aarhus, Denmark

Student Volunteer
MAB’12 Media Architecture Biennale, Aarhus, Denmark

Conference services




Associate Papers Chair, CHI, Design Committee

Associate Papers Chair, DIS, Experiences, Artifacts, and Technology

Associate Papers Chair, GROUP, Design Fiction Track

Peer reviewer in CHI, DIS, CSCW, MobileCHI, NordiCHI