Menarche Bits

probing menarche experiences


Keywords: Soma design, feminist technology, menarche, sports

Category: Soma design
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
University: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Collaboration: Madeline Balaam, Marianela Ciolfi Felice, Özgün Kilic Afsar
Year: 2019-ongoing
I am currently working on a design research project focusing on young menstruators bodily and social experiences of menarche in sports contexts. The project is exploring how soma design methods can be used in women’s health, with special attention to feminist values of advocacy and participation.

One of the outcomes of the project is “Menarche Bits”: a collection of objects (soft shape-changing actuators, heat pads and big shapes) that allow menstruators to attend to and make space for their menstruating body.