a bloody design fiction


Keywords: Speculative design, performance, menstruation, self-tracking, wearable

Category: Speculative design
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
University: Aarhus University
Supervision: Lone Koefoed Hansen
Year: 2015

PeriodShare, a speculative design proposing a wireless menstrual cup that automatically quantifies and shares menstrual data on social networks.

PeriodShare was designed in 2015, which was coined “the year of menstruation”. With more focus on menstruation, the aim was to break the taboo of menstruation and share knowledge about how it matters in peoples lives.

As Apple released their HeatlhKit in 2104, they included many kinds of self-tracking, but as a clear example of the missing gender diversty in many tech companies today, Apple did not implement the possibility to track menstrual cycles.

PeriodShare is a response to the missing gender diversy in technology industry. By tracking and sharing menstrual data, PeriodShare uses technologies as a feminist tool to provoke reflection on which kinds of bodies and narratives that technologies make possible.

PeriodShare consists of a physical prototype, a Kickstarter campain and a performative intervention into a tech fair, where I played the role of a start-up trying to get funding.

PeriodShare on Kickstarter

Published in:

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Exhibited at:

Internet Week, Aarhus, Denmark