Hi, I’m Marie Louise. I am an interaction designer and researcher exploring feminist and speculative design of digital technologies for health and wellbeing.


Participated in the “Remote Control” seminar at Danish Museum for Science and Technology! Thanks for inspiring critical conversations on the smart home︎

Nadia and I had our paper “Feminist Posthumanist Design of Menstrual Care for More-than-Human Bodies“ accepted to CHI’23! See you in Hamburg ︎ 

Presented at Anticipation 2022 conference on “Design Fabulations on the Transcorporeality of Menstrual Care
and Sphagnum Moss
“ ︎ 

We have a pictorial  in the latest issue of Temes de Disseny! Go read “Biomenstrual: More-than-Human Design of Menstrual Care Practices“ ︎