Hi, I’m Marie Louise. I am an interaction designer and researcher exploring feminist and speculative design of digital technologies for health and wellbeing.


The July/August 2023 ACM Interactions magazine is co-edited by Gopinaath Kannabiran and me! So excited to give you a whole issue on “Feminist Ecologies in HCI”! Including “a Preamble” by Gopi and I, and a dialogue with Nadia titled “From Menstrual Care to Environmental Care”.︎

Lots of fabulations happening this Spring! A newly formed “Nordic Fabulation Network” (NordForsk-funded) had our first workshop in Umeå, a Nordes conference workshop in Norrköping, and paper on “Fabulation as an Approach for Design Futuring” presented in July at DIS’23! ︎ 

New exploratory paper at Nordes’23 “Designing fertility otherwise: Of human, animal and soil relations“ ︎ 

New paper at CHI’23 co-written with Nadia “Feminist Posthumanist Design of Menstrual Care for More-than-Human Bodies” ︎