Hi, I’m Marie Louise. I am an interaction designer and researcher exploring critical-feminist design of intimate technologies.


2020-2021. Working at home. ︎︎

Wrote about and visualised our design work on “Intimate Touch” in Interactions Magazine’s new issue on ‘Feminisms in Design’︎

I wrote about “Troubling Design: A Design Program for Designing with Women's Health“ for the new ToCHI Special Issue on “HCI and the Body”. Very happy and proud of this one with work from my PhD! ︎

I  co-organised two virtual workshops at DIS 2020.  ︎
“More-than-human design and AI” with Iohanna Nicenboim et al.
Don’t Blush: Sexuality, Aging & Design” with Britta Schulte et al.

We received a Best Paper Award for our DIS2020 pictorial “Designing with Intimate Materials and Movements: Making “Menarche Bits”︎