︎  My name is Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard. I’m an interaction designer and researcher, living with my partner in Oslo, Norway. I work as a Postdoc at the Institute of Design,  The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). Previously, I was a Postdoc in Interaction Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. In 2018, I received my PhD degree in Interaction Design from Aarhus University in Denmark. You can read more about my PhD dissertation “Staying with the Trouble through Design” here ︎.

︎  I love doing research, collaborating with people and working with students! I love to travel and explore new food and culture. In Stockholm, I enjoy taking in the city’s art scene and beautiful nature, go ice skating and skiing in winter and camping in summer. Above all, I try to stay calm, energized and positive by appreciating and learning new things. Currently, I’m learning taekwondo and Vietnamese.
︎  In my research, I try to combine my strong feminist beliefs, curiousity and design experience to positively impact people and show that there are other ways of living. I draw on design theory, critical theory, software studies and feminist technoscience, to explore the social, cultural and political issues of design of intimate technologies. Through my design practice, I explore complex design themes related to gender and sexuality to better understand and question how future technologies—such as wearables, self-tracking and IoT—shape our everyday lives and our personal selves.

︎  As part of my design practice, I have worked with menstruation tracking, sex technologies, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and voice assistants through co-design workshops, exhibitions, interviews and fieldwork. I have worked cross-culturally in Denmark, Sweden and Japan, and collaborated with high school students and people with physical disabilities in the exploring and design of intimate technologies.

Always in for a kanelbullar! Contact me on: 

︎  mljuulsondergaard [at] gmail [dot] com
︎  @mljuul
︎  @ml_juul 





Spring 2018

Fall 2017

Fall 2016


Spring 2013

Postdoc in Design, AHO The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

Postdoc in Interaction Design, Digital Women’s Health, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

PhD in Digital Design, Aarhus University, Denmark

Visiting researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting researcher, KYOTO D-lab, Kyoto, Japan

Visiting researcher, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå, Sweden

Cand.IT in Digital Design, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

Student exchange, University of the arts, Berlin, Germany

Bachelor in Digital Design, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark